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100 _aMelville, Herman
245 _aMoby Dick
250 _bPaperback
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_b Wordsworth Classics;
300 _a492 p. :
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520 _aWidely considered one of the great American novels, Herman Melville’s masterpiece went largely unread during his lifetime and was out of print at the time of his death in 1891. Called the greatest book about the sea ever written by D.H. Lawrence, Moby Dick features detailed descriptions of whale hunting and whale oil extraction as well as beautiful, incisive writing on race, class, religion, art, and society. The story, loosely based on a real whaling shipwreck, features the unforgettable, vengeful Captain Ahab, who obsessively hunts a great white whale who bit his leg off below the knee.
650 _aWhales -- Fiction.
650 _aSea stories.
700 _aHerman Melville
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