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020 _a9781138640917
040 _aKIS International School
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100 _aGreenstein, Laura
245 _aSticky assessment : classroom strategies to amplify student learning
250 _bPaperback
260 _aNew York, [USA]:
300 _a176 p.:
_c23 cm.
520 _aSticky Assessment is a straightforward guide to assessment, designed to demystify assessment and to give teachers the tools they need become better assessors. Translating the latest research into a concise and practical volume, this book helps teachers to monitor student learning, make assessment engaging and meaningful for students, and to use assessment that improves rather than merely measures learning outcomes. With examples from classroom teachers and exercises designed to help teachers think through their processes, this book will be an invaluable and lasting resource for classroom teachers.
650 _aEducational tests and measurements.
650 _aStudents -- Rating of
650 _aEffective teaching
700 _aLaura Greenstein
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