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020 _a9781780871592
040 _aKIS International School
082 _bNF 501.12 W
100 _aWatson, Richard
245 _aThe Future : 50 ideas you really need to know
250 _bHardcover
260 _aLondon :
300 _a208 p. :
_c21 cm.
440 _a50 ideas you really need to know
505 _aMachine generated contents note: Politics &​ Power 01.Ubiquitous surveillance 02.Digital democracy 03.Cyber &​ drone warfare 04.Water wars 05.Wane of the West Energy &​ Environment 06.Resource depletion 07.Beyond fossil fuels 08.Precision agriculture 09.Population change 10.Geo-engineering The Urban Landscape 11.Megacities 12.Local energy networks 13.Smart cities 14.Next-generation transport 15.Extra-legal &​ feral slums Technological Change 16.An internet of things 17.Quantum &​ DNA computing 18.Nanotechnology 19.Gamification 20.Artificial Intelligence Health &​ Well-Being 21.Personalized genomics 22.Regenerative medicine 23.Remote monitoring 24.User-generated medicine 25.Medical data mining Social &​ Economic Dimensions 26.Living alone 27.Dematerialization 28.Income polarization 29.What (&​ where) is work? 30.The pursuit of happiness Towards a Post-Human Society Contents note continued: 31.Human beings version 2.0 32.Brain-machine interfaces 33.Avatar assistants 34.Uncanny Valley 35.Transhumanism Space: The Final Frontier 36.Alt.Space &​ space tourism 37.Solar energy from space 38.Moon mining 39.Space elevators 40.Alien intelligence Doomsday Scenarios 41.Mobile radiation 42.Biohazards &​ plagues 43.Nuclear terrorism 44.Volcanoes &​ quakes 45.The sixth mass extinction Unanswered Questions 46.The Singularity 47.Me or we? 48.Mind modification 49.Is God back? 50.Future shock.
520 _a"What will the world look like in 2020, 2030 or even 2100? How will progress in scientific research affect human life in the areas of health and lifestyle, energy and the environment, politics and conflict, space exploration and even the ultimate questions of existence? This book offers an electrifying trip through the wonders - and terrors - awaiting us over the next hundred years. The ideas explored include: Therapeutic cloning; Regenerative medicine; Nanotechnology; Quantum computers; Cyberwarfare; Space colonies; The nature of consciousness; Digital democracy." --Publisher description.
650 _aForecasting.
650 _aDiscoveries in science -- Forecasting.
650 _aTechnological forecasting.
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