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020 _a1906082820
040 _aKIS International School
082 _a032
100 _aBailey, Ellen
245 _aThe yearbook for girls
_cEllen Bailey
250 _a1st ed.
260 _aLondon
_bBuster Books
300 _a127 p, : ill. ; 21 cm.
500 _aPacked with fun quizzes, that will help girls document their likes and dislikes, record their physical characteristics, detail information about their friends, families and hobbies, and encourages them to confess their hopes and dreams, this work also includes instructions for girls to create their own memory box and suggests items to put inside it - including the completed Yearbook.
600 _aCuriosities and wonders
600 _aGirls
600 _aGirls
_xConduct of life
658 _aGeneralities
852 _kNon - Fiction
999 _c26129