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020 _a9780007161362
040 _aKIS International School
082 _bURE
100 _aUre, Jean
245 _aIs anybody there?
250 _a1st ed.
260 _aLondon:
300 _a192 p., ill.; 20 cm.
500 _aMYP - Language A
520 _aMore comedy, calamity and cool characters from acclaimed-writer Jean Ure. Joanna, Chloe and Dee are the best of friends. They may be seen as outsiders at school, but they’re an inseparable trio. Joanna who narrates the story, lives with her mum. But Mum’s not your normal, average parent – she’s a medium. Cool, you might think, but Jo’s inherited her mother’s psychic ability, which is not really compatible with school life! When one of their classmates goes missing, Chloe and Dee persuade Jo to use her gift to find her – but having a gift is one thing, dealing with the consequences is another…
600 _aFamily - Fiction
600 _aFriends - Fiction
600 _aGirls - Fiction
600 _aMiddle Years Programme
600 _aMother - Fiction
600 _aMYP - Language A
655 _aComedy
658 _aLiterature & Rhetoric
852 _kYoung Fiction
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