Peschak, Thomas P.

Sharks and people : exploring our relationship with the most feared fish in the sea Thomas P. Peschak. - Hardcover - Chicago: The university of Chicago press; 2013 - 195 pages : color illustrations ; 29 x 33 cm.

Includes bibliographical references (pages 188-191) and index.

Introduction: Jaws and me -- Shadows in the sea -- Demon fish -- Shark control -- Eating sharks.

At once feared and revered, sharks have captivated people since our earliest human encounters. Children and adults alike stand awed before aquarium shark tanks, fascinated by the giant teeth and unnerving eyes. And no swim in the ocean is undertaken without a slight shiver of anxiety about the very real--and very cinematic--dangers of shark bites. But our interactions with sharks are not entirely one-sided: the threats we pose to sharks through fisheries, organized hunts, and gill nets on coastlines are more deadly and far-reaching than any bite. In Sharks and People, acclaimed wildlife photographer Thomas Peschak presents stunning photographs that capture the relationship between people and sharks around the globe.

9780226047898 (cloth : alkaline paper)


Human-animal relationships.

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