Mayle, Peter

What's happening to me? [Text] - 1st ed. Paperback - Australia: Macmillan Children's Books; 1997 - 55 p., col.ill.; 22 cm.

MYP - PSHE Title: What's happening to me? : The answer to some of the world's most embarrassing questions.

This book answers the big questions, and explains the big changes. One look at the illustrations will tell you that this is not a dull medical textbook but rather it presents the facts of puberty, and it presents them with honesty, sympathy and a sense of humor. If you've been wondering how to have this talk with your children, look no further for a trusted resource that will give you the tools you need to share this critical information sensitively and factually.

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Adult development and maturity
Birth, puberty, majority
Growing - Adult
Human physiology
Middle Years Programme
Adolescence - Psychology


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